Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ring a Week

Polymer Clay, Bell Pepper Seeds

Once I finished this ring, it immediately reminded me of a picture frame I made a brief lifetime ago. I took a dollar store frame & covered the sides with lentils. One hot glue dollop & lentil at a time. It was so beautiful & elaborate with its muted green palette. Almost as lovely as the picture inside of me & my then boyfriend. He won the frame in the breakup.
This ring was just as fun to make. I love & find comfort in meticulously tedious placement. I had a big baggie of seeds because it was my goal to grow bell peppers this summer. But from the looks of things, there will be no peppers. At the least there are several lovely sprouts of green. But I would like it to be noted that it took me all summer not to grow these peppers. That is my dog Cash posing with the ghost bell peppers. FYI, he is not spoiled. And just to keep things fair, I have included a picture of Marley.

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