Friday, June 25, 2010

Tomato & Basil Angel Hair Pasta

My Take:

“Tomato & Basil Angel Hair Pasta”
This one was fun. I love to make double sided pendants, two different options are appealing to me. I had a great photo to work from: Uni Pasta. First of all, the pasta coloring is truly inspiring, so alive & vibrant. While I was not able to reproduce the exact hue, I settled on two colors that work well with the pendant base. The pasta falls in such an organic way, I thought it would be fun to duplicate. My “pasta” placement is deliberate but hopefully not too contrived. I went crazy with the thread inlay on this one. I think there are 5 layers inside. With the domed pieces, I had a lot of space to work with. I look forward to carrying several design techniques from this pendant into future pieces. Without a doubt, this necklace could be a fun addition to your summer collection.


  1. This is truly finding inspiration in the everyday! Wonderful job!

  2. wow! i have to say, i'm impressed! that's an amazing take on a bowl of pasta!

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