Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Apple Pie Pendants

Apple Pie Pendants

You can't deny the craftsmanship & artistry that goes into the making of a lattice top pie crust. An edible craft project that is picture perfect.

I was inspired by Novel Eats' Apple Pie photos & was a bit surprised with the difficulties I encountered when trying to make my ideas come to life. In the photos, I was drawn to the gentle draping of lattice pieces & the achieved coloring of the dough after baking. I anticipated doing a simple reproduction of a lattice weave.

With the first pendant, I went with a slight variation & created different sized pieces to stack for a tiered effect. It became obvious, for reasons that would bore anyone but myself, that I would have to fill the thread inlay window with resin. This is where my difficulties began. Being so new to resin & with so much to learn, my attempt ended with having to paint the underneath layer of the pendant due to a poor resin fill. And this process determined the color palette, which was different from what I envisioned. Regardless, after taking a break for a few day it is growing on me...

With the second pendant, I tried to bring it back to basics with a primitive weaving. I took acrylic paint and did a simple technique with shadows under & highlights on top. I am pleased with the outcome.

This was a fun endeavor & more so I have gained a heightened appreciation for lattice top pie maker bakers all over the world, especially Samantha with Novel Eats :)

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  1. I'm so honored that you chose my pictures to make these pendants. I love the creativity and it makes me want to bake another pie. :)